These workshops will be led by myself drawing on all my knowledge as a pregnancy yoga teacher, doula, hypnobirthing teacher & mother. It will be a very relaxed & informal setting for you & your partner to learn & prepare for your babies arrival. A beautiful opportunity to connect & make friends with people in your community going through the same journey. The main focus will be removing any fear surrounding birth & reconnecting with your innate confidence to birth freely & easily.

This will be a very in-depth workshop covering a range of techniques so you can take what most resonates with you.



WELCOME CIRLCE. Tea & Healthy Snacks. Introduction & Short Meditation.


Begin with a little theory. 
Practical on Early Signs & 1st Stage Labour. Understanding of the physiology of labour, what makes it start and what can cause it to slow down. How you can work with your body and baby to ease through the stages of labour. Overview on Hypnobirthing philosophy.


PREGNANCY YOGA to encourage optimal foetal positioning & strength for an active birth. Partners get involved too.


LUNCH (Organic Vegetarian Food) Feel free to bring extras to share.


Theory & Practical Skills for 2nd & 3rd Stage Labour. Practical on Birthing Positions/ Massage Techniques/ Robozo Work. Delivering Placenta, delayed cord-clamping, skin to skin & babies first feed etc…


Hospital Bag Checklist/ Doing a Birth Plan/ Open Discussion


The Fourth Trimester.
Role & Importance of the birth partner. Couples Birth Visualization using Hypnobirthing Techniques.

Price: £55 (for 2 people)

Next Workshop: Sunday 26th February

The session will enable you as a couple to work together, gain new skills & confidence and more importantly discover what you both want from your birth experience. It is a unique opportunity for you & your partner to connect with your baby, explore what support might mean for you, how you can work together to empower the mother & create an environment that promotes calm & relaxation for both you & baby.

The teachings from this day if practiced can reduce need for pain relief and shorten labour, and make you more likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth. It actively involves the father, you will both learn skills to instill confidence about the birth and your role as parents.

“Preparation gives birth to self confidence.”

– Denise Harman

Private Birth Preparation Workshop:

I also offer a bespoke package, tailored to your needs, in private one to one sessions. These sessions are great for getting to know each other and so I can get an understanding of what you and your partner would like your birth experience to be. This package includes birth preparation information, support, and educational tools to support you and your partner to feel empowered and have continuity of care.

Price: £60

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