A doula is a professional trained in childbirth that provides emotional, physical and educational support to parents during pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood.  There to listen, give confidence, support and continuity of care. I am truly passionate about helping woman experience a birth and transition to motherhood that leaves her feeling empowered and confident. My doula work compliments my other work as a yoga teacher, energy worker and hypnobirthing teacher so perfectly.

It is important to know doulas do not just attend the birth. They support the woman throughout the entire pregnancy and have regular meet ups. They also support the family through the postnatal period such as helping them adjust to parenthood, breastfeeding, cleaning, shopping, organising etc… Parents can choose to just have a postnatal doula that specializes independently in this.




– Support from home throughout the entire process from pregnancy, birth and beyond. All organised around the woman’s schedule! As well as support for fathers.

– On Call: a doula will dedicate time for you especially dedicating an entire month around your estimated due date to ensure she attends the birth.

– Clarity & Confidence: making her feel secure as much as she can about the birth process.

– Love and Laughter: become like a close friend that ensures you feel supported when it comes to birth. By then knowing methods to personally make you relax, feel light and boost oxytocin throughout your birth. There is a doula for everyone.

– Continuity of Care

– Protecting your Human Rights: Becomes a close companion & allows woman to drop their guard/ fear surround birth.

– Education & Signposting- allowing mothers to make informed decisions from a balanced and confident perspective. We direct to other methods of support e.g.: local practitioners, support groups, info on health concerns, recommending medical advice.

– Creating a Sacred Space

– Communication with medical team in labour if so desired.




– No Testing

 – Nothing clinical

 – No advice! A doula should not give you advice as they supporting you in whichever options you take.

Doulas/Birth Workers are nothing new but ancient! We see them throughout history (such as in birth art/ old texts) that woman always had woman with them in birth. Many animals actually have helpers to help them feel private, safe and unobserved. E.G. Elephants have a circle of females surrounding them with their trunks and swaying with the labouring mother. Providing them a safe barrier from predators.




There is growing evidence that having a birth or postnatal doula brings a number of tangible benefits. From reducing intervention rates, shortening labour and improving the conditions of babies at birth. Research shows in studies from 5000 women that presence of a doula decrease C-Section rate by 50% & made labour significantly shorter (average 6-8hours). This is just by simply having a supportive woman close by, who is not a health professional.

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Initially, we will have the opportunity to meet up and chat on the phone informally, to establish your needs and whether we would like to work together. Once this is established, we offer full and committed support.

From then usually around 3-5 prenatal appointments , roughly 2 hours long per session. We remain on call for you from 2weeks before & until 2 weeks after your due date. Then attend and support your birth throughout, staying around afterwards until you are ready for us to leave. I also come and check in with you and your family after the birth, allowing you to debrief from the experience and ask any questions you have about caring for a newborn baby.

Birth Doula Package- £750

Post-Natal Package- £250

Or rates are £10 per hour plus mileage


Additional extras: A mothers blessing ceremony, hypnobirthing, reiki, pregnancy yoga, group birth preparation retreats, closing the bones ceremony (post-birth).

Currently only offering support in pregnancy (one to ones) and postnatal doula services (can not be present for birth) as I am expecting my own baby in April 2017.

More on Postnatal Doula Services:

A Postnatal doula is trained to meet your own needs after the birth of your baby.

Here are some examples of the services I can provide for your family:

–  Breastfeeding support

–  Emotional and practical support. Providing a safe space to debrief your birth experience, helping you adjust to life with a newborn baby, giving you time to rest whilst I provide my services…

–  Light housework/ shopping

–  Overnight maternity support (charged at a hourly rate)

–  Cooking meals, making energy boosting snacks/ smoothies

–  Infant sleep support

–  Supporting your partner and older siblings

–  Help with mothers recovering from Caesarian births

–  Looking after the baby for short periods of time while the mother naps, showers, or takes a break.

–  Closing of the bones ceremony (extra)

–  Postnatal Yoga with mum and baby (extra after 6 weeks of birth)

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