Alongside my yoga business, I run a successful essential wellness business and I am extremely passionate on educating and empowering people in using essential oils. Myself and my doTerra team host regular classes and events full of inspiration, facts and everyday uses for showing the many health benefits of natural products. They have completely transformed my life and I never leave the house without my mini first aid kit of oils. They have enabled me to rid my house of 100% of toxins and over the counter drugs such as for headaches, aches/ pains etc… I only use natural techniques now and have done for the last 6 years. These little bottles of gold as well as an alkaline plant based diet has helped me reverse a irritable skin condition, IBS and much more. My life has completely changed for the good since becoming a wellness advocate

What Is An Essential Oil?

I personally always thought essential oils were just smelly hippie liquid in a bottle that you might use in an oil burner or maybe in massage. I didn’t understand there were literally THOUSANDS of amazing uses for these precious little bottles of alchemy and light. They truly have changed our lives.

I got into these oils after having my baby girl, River. They helped boost my energy reserves through that entire postnatal period. There are certain oils for boosting milk supply, sleep management for the entire family, for helping soothe baby, for cooking with, adding to smoothies etc..

Ever since this period they have been my go to remedy for all health concerns and have worked amazingly. I am now expecting my 2nd child and using pregnancy safe blends to manage uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms and plan to incorporate them into my birth plan.

In addition, I use with many of my clients in yoga classes, to make massage oils, labour sprays, and women’s hormone balancing roller balls, athlete recovery balm and much more.

I believe all can benefit from these oils.

How Do I Use Them?

We use them for everything from cleaning, mood management, calming, making our own perfume, deodorant and air freshener so that we aren’t using toxin, endocrine disrupting damaging chemicals and synthetic fragrances, energy clearing, enhancing meditation, focus and clarity, enhancing the immune system, supporting the respiratory system and sinuses, soothing tension, supporting the body through winter and when environmental threats are high and just about anything you can think of.

How can they benefit you?

Essential oils can be used to benefit all areas of your life. Allowing yourself to remove toxins from your body/ household and choose a more natural environment for you and your family. Individual oils or blends can be used directly for a range of health concerns and to boost your overall health.

Are you run down? Have awful gut health? Do you get sick constantly or just feel constantly exhausted, low in energy and have low moods? Skin problems? Sensitive to chemicals and food?

I can help you create a tailored plan to regain energy, balance and take control of your health. I have seen the true power of these oils in a range of health concerns and illnesses. My hopes are people can break free from fatigue and empower themselves with a mixture of self love, natural remedies, sunshine, meditation, spirituality, family connection/community/social inclusion, quality food and discover what’s true and right for THEM.

Wellness Consultation:

I also offer a range of products and starter kits to get you on the path to vibrant health. With orders you get a free wellness consultation with me. Please get in touch to find out more or

Browse my doTerra website here

I recommend those new to oils begin with a starter kit/ set of oils, which come with a diffuser. These kits become your go to natural family medicine kit. I would be lost without mine with my 2-year-old baby and next on the way. They are also safe to use on our pets. I will guide you through safe usage.

For free samples or advise on your health concerns get in touch now:

One to One Wellness Consultations: £30

Why Doterra products?

I love their co-impact sourcing model and that they choose to source the oils indigenously from their natural habitat while using ethical, sustainable practices and supporting farmers.

These oils are therapeutic grade tested & sourced in the most pure organic environments. They can be applied in the following ways


By diffusing or inhaling essential oils can be calming, soothing or stimulating. Can also cleanse & purify the air. Their aromas can elicit powerful psychological, mental & emotional responses.


Can be applied for topical therapy or massage. As essential oils are fat-soluble, when they are applied directly to the skin, their chemical compounds are readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Why quality is so important! Can be applied neat or with carrier oil. Added to bath. Applied to reflex points or nerve endings in feet\hands.


Doterra oils completely safe to digest!

We consume essential oils when we eat food. But when plants are distilled of for the extraction of their essential oils, the properties are concentrated. As they are fat-soluble they are readily delivered to all the organs of the body, including the brain. Internal use is the most potent method. Essential oils such as cinnamon & oregano are best used internally.

Please look out for my educational classes and events on essential oils via my social media & monthly newsletter.

Some examples of such classes:

  • Make & Take: Skincare special
  • Safe Oils for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Essential Oils 101
  • Going Toxic Free
  • Oils to enhance Womens Health
  • Essentail Oils for Pets
  • Easy Cleaning with Essential Oils
  • Oils for complete family wellness

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