Mum & Baby Yoga

April offers relaxing and rejuvenating sessions especially designed for post partum mummies and their new babies.

– Revitalizes your body after giving birth.

–  Strengthens the core muscles and improves posture.

–  Restores strength back to the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.

–  Provides a nurturing space for both mum and baby to relax and bond together.

–  Socialize and meet new mums in your community.


Post natal classes last around an hour and involve learning yoga sequences. We take care of the spine and shoulders to help cope with the physical demands of feeding and carrying a baby. Specific postures are used to restore the strength of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor which can be weak after pregnancy and childbirth. You will learn breathing techniques to help you and your baby relax. As well as relaxation techniques to help you cope with your busy routine and less sleep. You will learn straight forward, effective techniques to use at home. You will also be led through gentle stretches for babies which are soothing and calming. At the end of each class, we take time to reflect on our practice, drink tea, eat cake and chat with other mummies.

The classes are very informal and you can change, feed and settle baby whenever you need to. The space & atmosphere offer a safe & supportive environment in which to spend quality time with your baby. The aim is to do what you can whilst having fun with your baby!

Classes suitable from 6 weeks to when baby is mobile/ crawling.

From my experience, life with a newborn can feel overwhelmingly out of control, yoga can have a particularly helpful role to play. The main benefits of yoga in this vulnerable and magical time are its ability to promote deep rest and healing in breath, mind and body. Above all, yoga helps mother and baby to connect and deepen their new relationship.




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