April started her yoga journey yoga as a teenager as a form of stress relief, but soon realized how good it made her feel and its transformative power to every corner of her life. She says “the more I dived into my practice the more it benefited my confidence, inner peace, eating habits, flexibility, strength, relationships and most important happiness. April lives with a heart condition and believes the benefits of yoga are what helps her deal with her intense episodes and remain in a state of calm through the most challenging of times. “We don’t just practice yoga on our mats, it’s a conscious way of living which goes on to positively effect all corners of our lives.” She completed her yoga training in 2013 with Yoga Alliance and has since gone on to train in prenatal/postnatal yoga, mindfulness, womb yoga, fertility yoga. She has also gone on to become a reiki master, birth doula, hypnobirthing teacher with a passion for empowering woman. Her integrative approach invites students to unite mind, body and spirit to transcend the physical practice and create space for an inner consciousness that aligns with their own authentic self.

“Yoga is a living and ever expanding practice, that changes according to what is needed. I wholeheartedly believe that yoga is not just a practice we do on our mats, it’s a practice we do each day and with each breath. We should take the challenges, experiences, successes, and joy we feel on our mats, and apply them to our everyday lives. As we flow, we are actually learning to ride the ups and downs of life; we are also aligning ourselves with our greater purpose.”

April is now a mother of two who loves running retreats, workshops, talks to educate others on the healing power of yoga. Her personal Mantra is “I am Love”. She says, at the end of the day love is all there is, believing that we should always live from the heart and she always teaches from that centre.

Blessings to you on your journey


How did you first get into yoga?

My passion for movement has been present from a very young age, always outdoors being involved in sports and dancing in some way, shape and form. I grew up out in the countryside and any time possible I would be out in nature with our four dogs or galloping free on my horse. I always loved time spend on my own out in nature and now I look back this is where my roots of yoga began. I was completely free and living in the moment.

I attended my first ever yoga class while on holiday with family in Thailand at seventeen and remember walking out of the class feeling so much lighter. This lit a spark for me and began my journey to becoming a teacher a few years later. During and after my degree in psychology my love for yoga grew and grew. I practiced many different styles such as hatha, bikram, vinyasa and restorative yoga. Suddenly my confidence and attitude towards myself took a shift from a self-critical body conscious student to an empowered woman believing she could succeed in whatever she put her mind too. During a time when I had much insecurity, stressors and anxiety from full-time education, yoga was my escape. In a yoga class I was allowed to look and feel however I wished on that day. My body and posture didn’t need to be perfect or look like everyone else’s; this drew me in deeper to learning more.


What inspired you in those early days?


It was my fascination with people, behavior and the power of the mind. This is what inspired me to do my psychology degree and led me into the path of yoga. I was interested in helping people with mental illness and getting them out of the negative cycles and harmful habits. Now I look back, I feel I have learned more about establishing positive mental health through regular ypga practice. And I am not just talking about the physical side of yoga; remember yoga is an eight-limbed science so all contribute to happiness. In the end isn’t that all that matters to be happy!


Any transformational yoga moments?


Wow there has been so many. But when I look back it has to be my first teacher training in vinyasa flow. So overwhelming at first. Huge highs & huge lows. It was an indescribable year immersion of yoga, philosophy and daily sadhana (practice) that makes you question everything you thought you knew. I would recommend it to everyone even if you don’t go on to become a teacher. A healing and powerful experience which stays with you for life.

Other transformational moments are where yoga has taken me around the world. A few special moments were the summer working up on the mountains in Turkey on Jason Vales retreat. My special trip to India filming a documentary about the hugging Saint Amma and receiving darshan from her. A few days after my return I quit my job in the corporate world & went into yoga full time. As well as many spiritual trips across the globe to meet inspirational teachers, Bali has to be a favorite to finding my inner calling.


How would you describe your own teaching style?


I offer a fun dynamic creative practice with a lot of love and passion. I bring in intelligent sequencing with the application of precise alignment, meditation, pranayama (breathwork), visualization, intention and deep relaxation to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. I theme my classes around an inspirational topic to offer an intention for practice which we keep present with the breath. You should leave feeling inspired, fearless and ready for whatever may arise.



What are your plans going forward?


I am still forever inspired by new projects. I have just opened Cheshires first plant based cafe with a wellness centre attached. This is Wild & Wild cafe in Congleton, Cheshire. Inspired space to educate all about balance and radiant health. Plans to expand and grow this across the U.K. As well as organizing more yoga retreats across the UK and Europe.

I host monthly woman’s circles so want to continue for this community to grow and grow.

My journey of a teacher is always changing and growing so I will continue my professional development. I am currently finishing my training in becoming a doula and hypnobirthing teacher to help empower expecting parents to be. I will also be training in baby and toddler yoga in the new year which I am very excited about.


How would you reassure someone new to yoga?


We were all new once. Just stay kind to yourself through the practice and never compare yourself to others. The first class can often be challenging but the magic happens once you return again and overcome those challenges. Yoga will then sell itself as you will soon feel so uplifted and light on leaving the mat. Just return enough so you don’t forget that feeling.


What do you do when your not doing yoga?


I love being with my family as much as possible and getting out for a long country walk and lunch. I am a passionate cook and love experimenting with plant based cuisine on friends and family especially delicious raw desserts. I enjoy travel, being in nature, swimming, reading and connecting with like minded people


– 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Claire Missingham

– 50 Hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli PhD

– Elemental Vinyasa with Shiva Rea

– Yoga for Fertility with Uma Dinsmore Tuli PhD

– BSC Hons in Psychology, University of Manchester

– Qualified KGH Hypnobirthing Teacher

– Conscious Birthing Doula Training with Doula UK

– Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 with Lesley Gould 

– Mindfulness for Stress course with Breathworks

– Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher

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