Many of my students find that the physical practice of yoga becomes a gateway to emotional and spiritual exploration, while others enjoy focusing more on a vigorous practice to enhance their mind-body workout experience. Whatever your intention may be, I will design a private yoga experience to suit your own unique needs.

These private one-on-one sessions are ideal for those looking to:

-Get a deeper level of guidance in their practice.

-Expand their knowledge in specific areas of the practice.

-Ease themselves into group classes, especially for beginners.

-Set their own schedule around a very busy calendar.

-Receive personal attention that group classes don’t give.

-Refine alignment and posture.

-Have an injury and need more of a therapeutic approach to assist with recovery.


One to One Sessions

1 session – £45

3 sessions – £115

8 sessions- £250


I look forward to working with you.