Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow yoga is a creative, flowing and energetic practice that integrates the body, mind and breath. The main principle is linking the body movement with the breath creating a rhythmic flow of asana (postures). Vinyasa flow is an unhurried exploratory and creative flow that is influenced by the lineage of Krishnamacharya and the yoga traditions of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. It challenges you to expand your strength, flexibility, energy and mindfulness.

 Each class includes meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), upbeat music, conscious sequencing of postures, hands on assists and a deep relaxation (yoga nidra) with pressure point massage. April’s classes will bring you balance, flexibility and healing properties into your practice.

Classes are open to All Levels.

April understands that this is your practice, your experience; she is just here to guide you on your journey. “Yoga is a journey not a destination”. Her mission is to help people on their way to happiness and radiant health.


The Breath

Linking the breath to movement draws your attention inward during your yoga practice and this is a powerful tool for quieting the mind. This brings your awareness towards the Self and creates more healing benefits in your mind, body and spirit.

Alignment & Anatomy

Stability in a posture always comes before flexibility. April refers to the study of Iyengar’s work, which puts emphasis on alignment and precision in each asana (posture). She provides props such as blocks and straps to ensure you get the best out of each pose. It is also important to her to guide students vocally through the anatomy and how to align the body into the asana she teaches.

Hands-On Yoga Assists

April says: “I was very fortunate in my teacher training to learn about skilled hands-on assists from my teacher Claire Missingham who is very skilled in this area. Once you receive a strong skilled assister adjustment from your teacher your body instantly surrenders and instantly feels it can go so much further into the pose. I incorporate skilled assists into my classes to help your body break through any knots of energy and get them flowing effectively.”


It is important for us to stay connected to the ancient language of Vedic thought where yoga derived from. April will always use a balance of Sanskrit and English in her classes. Just trust that overtime you will learn to understand the pose in this sacred language. It is a truly beautiful language she holds close to her heart.

The Flow 

Vinyasa Flow has become increasingly more popular in the yoga movement as of its creative and intelligent sequencing. April plans every class in a different way to maintain creativity, variation and strength to different areas of the body/mind. She uses Vinyasa Krama (intelligent sequencing) and sets a special intention or theme for each class. Using the build up of asana, peak poses, counter poses and rhythm, April will lead you to the deepest place both mentally and physically.


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