This is my yoga events business set up with my beautiful friend Sophie Hughes. It all started out as an idea between two people whose paths were brought together. With that idea we started to plant seeds and those seeds started to grow & grow into a beautiful yogi community.

We feel this community of Yoga in the Barn is going to continue to flourish, inspire & connect us!! Each day sending out ripples into the earth to a place of more mindful and conscious living. These events take place in gorgeous converted yoga barn studios across Cheshire. We offer regular weekly classes, monthly workshops, conscious gatherings, women’s circles, retreats and much more.



“Yoga is all about community. A community that accepts all. A community that shines the light of peace. A community that believes love always resides over fear!”

Yoga In The Barn

Two beautiful studio spaces across Cheshire with weekly classes/ workshops/ retreats

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey on the path to radiant health, yoga in the barn will empower you on that path. We hope you have a heart opening, mind expanding, community inspiring and friendship sharing experience with us. Every class is taught with such love and passion.

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Monthly Womens Morning (Last Friday of the month. 10.00-12.30am (£25)

Monthly Weekend Themed Yoga Workshop 1.00-5.00pm (£40)

Yearly Retreat in Wales

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